Water, Water, Everywhere

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is considered a cornerstone of poetry. The poem's famous lines:

They conjure the image of desolate loneliness and longing. The photographs I composed below were taken in mid-March in Puerto Rico. The images are desaturated and colorized to represent the blues of the ocean and the darkness of their depths.

The first image is a ship, its lines reaching up towards the salty skies, ropes splayed out like a spider's web. Coleridge's poem is a beautiful piece that describes a ship at sea, where the mariner kills the albatross, condemning his crew. I felt the ship was haunting and visually stunning as a representation of the sea theme.

The second photo is of tourists who are walking along a path, as I take the picture father down a hill. I loved how the hill met the sky, the tourists standing out against the sky, much like a boat on the ocean. The picture continues with the theme of bleakness as well as capturing a sense of adventure, the wind stringing them along as they continue on their way.

The last image is perhaps the most impactful, a graveyard by the sea. Its beautiful balance of life and death is also battled by the tumultuous waters below. The sailors who died at sea have monuments erected in their honor on the shores of Puerto Rico. Imaginations run wild as I photographed the area, absorbing the atmosphere. It was simultaneously calm while being somber--beautiful yet tragic.

This competition was promoted by www.WhoKilledBambi.co.uk and the prize was provided by DSLRs from Curry's.